Corporate social responsibility, Quality, Safety, Environnement

At SAF Hélicoptères, we aim to satisfy our customers by applying a policy that aims to :
Prevent the risk of accidents and incidents,
Protect the health of our employees and partners,
Respect the environment.

A pioneer in Europe in the use of modern helicopters for medical transport and aerial work missions, SAF Hélicoptères ensures the total satisfaction of its interested parties, while protecting the safety of its employees and customers, and minimizing its impact on the environment. This is demonstrated by its implementation of an Integrated Management System (ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001).


Safety is an absolute priority for SAF Hélicoptères, which implements rigorous measures to prevent and reduce the risks associated with its activities. The company complies with national and international air safety standards and regulations, and follows the recommendations of civil aviation authorities and manufacturers. DGAC (Direction Générale de l’Aviation Civile) approval for specialized operations guarantees compliance with the strictest standards and procedures. Regular and meticulous maintenance of its helicopters, which undergo periodic checks and inspections, guarantees a high level of safety. SAF Hélicoptères trains and educates its employees in good safety practices, and provides them with the necessary equipment and resources to ensure their protection. Its Safety Management System (SMS) identifies, analyzes and deals with events and incidents that could affect the safety of operations. SAF Hélicoptères encourages and promotes a safety culture within its organization, and fosters communication and feedback between its employees.


SAF Hélicoptères offers helicopter air transport services in the fields of heliborne medical rescue and aerial work, and is committed to providing quality services tailored to the needs and expectations of its customers. To achieve these objectives, the company has a fleet of modern, high-performance helicopters, including the EC135 T3H and EC145 D3 models from Airbus Helicopters. These helicopters are equipped with advanced technologies, such as the FADEC digital engine control system, the Helionix assisted navigation and piloting system, or the five-blade main rotor on the EC145 D3, all of which enhance the aircraft’s reliability, maneuverability, comfort and carrying capacity. SAF Hélicoptères also boasts a qualified and experienced staff of pilots, mechanics, trainers and administrative personnel, who ensure the smooth and safe running of operations. SAF Hélicoptères is committed to ISO 9001 certification for its quality management system, which guarantees customer satisfaction and continuous process improvement.


SAF Hélicoptères is aware of its environmental impact, and strives to reduce it as much as possible. Its eco-responsible approach aims to minimize fuel consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, noise and waste generated by its activities. SAF Hélicoptères uses energy-efficient helicopters, such as the EC135, EC145 D3 and AW109, which are equipped with low-consumption, low-emission engines. SAF Hélicoptères asks its crews to optimize flight plans and loads, in order to reduce the duration and distance of trips, and thus fuel consumption. SAF Hélicoptères respects sensitive areas and local noise regulations. The fenestron, a streamlined tail rotor that reduces helicopter noise, is fitted on most of our aircraft. Waste is sorted and recycled, and environmentally-friendly products are used for helicopter maintenance.

SAF AEROGROUP and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG): A Commitment to Integrity and Sustainability

As a SAF Aerogroup company, SAF Helicoptère applies the ESG policy governing all Group companies.

At SAF AEROGROUP, ESG is a direct extension of our core values. As a global leader in aviation services, our success is based on operating responsibly and ethically.

  • Safety and Respect: Our unwavering commitment to safety and respect for commitments to our clients and employees are at the heart of our philosophy.
  • Solidarity and Support: Our spirit of solidarity is shown in our support for teams and commitment to the communities we serve, specifically in health and humanitarian services in challenging areas. Delivery of best practice towards our employees, clients and various stakeholders is key, and we continually strive to improve and remain effective in changing markets.
  • Ethical Commitment: Highest ethical standards guide our business operations, ensuring transparency and integrity.
  • Innovation and Sustainable Development: We adopt innovative solutions like drones and augmented/virtual reality, meeting current needs while anticipating future challenges and minimizing environmental impact. We actively embark of projects that ensure a reduced cardon footprint on the environment.
  • Local Empowerment and Agility: Our global approach includes empowering local teams and respecting cultural diversities, combining business agility with operational efficiency.

Our ESG reinforces our commitment to responsible conduct in all aspects of our business.