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Welcome to SAF Helicoptères

An international player in the helicopter industry for over 40 years, SAF Hélicoptères offers its expertise to communities, businesses, and individuals. Our professionals and specialised teams react promptly to support our clients in their aerial work projects, medical evacuations – EMS, and rescue operations.
EMS – Mountain Search and Rescue

A forerunner in helicopter mountain rescue since 1979, SAF hélicoptères offers its expertise to public and private stakeholders and can meet all medical flight requirements: EMS (Emergency Medical Assistance Service), mountain rescue, support for sports events, etc.

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Aerial Works

A key international player in aerial work, SAF Hélicoptères possesses recognised know-how and experience in the fields of light and heavy lifting, firefighting, network surveillance,, avalanche triggering, and aerial photography.

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Aerial Work in Urban Environments

Aerial work in urban environments is a specific a specific field of expertise in which SAF Hélicoptères perfectly masters all aspects. We accompany you in your urban lifting projects, from operational and administrative preparation to D-day.

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