Aerial Works

With SAF Hélicoptères’s experienced pilots at the helm, the helicopter’s maneuverability makes it the perfect choice for aerial work. Supported by our versatile fleet and strategically located bases across the country, we cater to all your private or professional needs with precision and efficiency.

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Aerial Works

SAF Hélicoptères brings over 40 years of experience in aerial work, heavy lifting, longline operations, and precision lifting. Our crew’s recognised expertise is at your disposal for any project you undertake with us.

SAF Hélicoptères operates 2 types of aircraft

  • The Airbus H125 Ecureuil for loads up to 1,200 kg
  • Or the Airbus H215 Super Puma for loads up to 4500 Kg.

Our strategic location allows us to serve clients across France, with regular operations extending into Europe.

SAF Hélicoptères is active in all the mountain ranges, including the Pyrenees, the French Riviera, the Alps, Savoie, Haute Savoie, Isère, Hautes Alpes, Alpes de haute Provence, Isère, Jura, Doux and Vosges, as well as the cantons of Vaud, Geneva and Valais in Switzerland.

Longline and construction- Light loads

A demanding business where safety is paramount
The skills of our crews, combined with the capabilities of the H125, have made SAF Hélicoptères famous.

1 200kg

  • Construction (supply of concrete, materials, big bags)
  • Erection of pylons, telecom, prefabricated elements
  • Assembly and maintenance of ski lifts
  • Cable unwinding
  • Timber skidding, dismantling of standing trees
  • Construction site supply, materials, machinery, equipment
  • Forest fire fighting, helicopter water bomber, surveillance
  • Technician transport to inaccessible sites, personnel winching
  • Shelter supply
  • Evacuation of people, live animals
  • Topographic surveys, LIDAR, geophysical surveys
  • Securing ski areas, PIDA, avalanche release
  • Securing road access, monitoring structures, lines
  • Securing sporting events (skiing, trail running, mountain biking…)
  • Events, transport of vehicles, modules on inaccessible sites

Longline and construction – Heavy loads

Since 2014, SAF hélicoptères has been operating the Super Puma – AS332C1 named Helena and its famous orange nose through its subsidiary : SAF International. She was joined in 2023 by Majuba, a South African H215 to reinforce the firefighting fleet. Now working for SAF International, she received her orange nose a few weeks after arriving on French soil.

4 500Kg

Its missions are identical to those of the H125, with a maximum payload of 4,500kg external load. It is the ideal choice for..:

  • Tower erection
  • Air conditioner rooftop installation
  • Assembly and dismantling of ski lifts
  • Moving construction equipment
  • Logging
  • Its twin-engine capability makes it a popular choice for missions in built-up areas.

For professionals

Once we’ve studied your project, we’ll guide you through all the administrative and technical preparatory stages:

  • Site visits. Safety, environment, technical and administrative.
  • Drafting of administrative file to obtain authorizations.
  • Site logistics supply (fuel transport, concrete skips, signage).
  • Supply of certified aeronautical equipment (slings, big bags, nets, spreaders, shokers etc.).
  • Concrete hook, traditional, multihook,
  • Organization of briefings prior to all helicopter operations
  • Organization of technical and/or safety study sessions on our premises. Exchange of best practices.
  • Training your employees in specialist tasks, issuing training certificates.

Aerial works

Aerial shooting

The helicopter is a fabulous tool for aerial photography at low or high altitudes.

SAF Hélicoptères has the necessary low-flying and high-risk approvals for these operations.

Our H125s are pre-equipped to accept all types of gyro-stabilized cameras, such as Wescam, Air film arms, etc…

Furthermore, most of our helicopters are equipped with the flotation systems needed to operate safely over large maritime areas.

Wildfire fighting

SAF Hélicoptères focuses on mission aviation.

In response to concerns about global warming and the increasing risks of forest fires, SAF Hélicoptères has signed a multi-year contract with the French government for the supply of 10 light and heavy aircraft.

These helicopters will be deployed throughout France, alongside national civil security airborne resources. They can also be deployed in all European member states through the “European Civil Protection Reserve” program.

SAF hélicoptères deploys two types of aircraft:

  • A light fleet of Airbus H125s equipped with Bamby buckets or Simplex kits, prepositioned at civil protection bases.
  • A heavy fleet of H215 or H225 Super Puma helicopters, designed to respond to outbreaks of fire or larger fires. Their ability to refuel at almost any water source makes them an invaluable tool, under the direct orders of emergency commanders.

Aerial Works

Avalanche control

As a mountain operator, SAF hélicoptères supports mountain professionals in securing public infrastructures and ski areas against avalanche hazards.

Our operations are usually integrated into the P.I.D.A – Plan d’Intervention de Déclenchement D’Avalanche – of Alpine and Pyrenean municipalities.

Our teams are qualified for :

  • operation of explosives from helicopters
  • Operation of Daisy Bell autonomous triggering systems

Grid Surveillance

Our crews are qualified to fly at very low altitudes to monitor networks:

  • Gas pipelines
  • High-voltage power grids
  • Medium-voltage power grids


Our specialised teams operate throughout the French territory and internationally to support our private and public clients in their aerial work projects, medical evacuations, and rescue operations.

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