SAF Hélicoptères

An international player in the helicopter industry for over 40 years, SAF Hélicoptères provides its expertise to local authorities, companies and private individuals.
Our professionals and specialised teams respond quickly to support our customers in their aerial work, medical evacuation – EMS and Search and Rescue projects.

Our Values

SAF Hélicoptères is unwavering in its dedication to fostering a culture centered around service excellence and mission accomplishment. Each day, our teams wholeheartedly embrace and embody the aeronautical principles we cherish: Safety, unwavering Respect for commitments and individuals, a spirit of Solidarity, and a commitment to fostering team spirit.

These values form the bedrock that unites everyone engaged in our operations – whether they are customers, suppliers, employees, or other stakeholders. They provide a shared foundation, fostering mutual trust and encouraging active participation from all, as we collectively commit to the successful and secure execution of both routine and extraordinary operations that bind us together.


Our History

Since 1979
A non-profit organization originally established to assist the Alpine population during challenging circumstances, SAF Hélicoptères expertise extended its expertise to reach far beyond the Alpine region, reaching every corner of France and the globe. Since then, SAF Hélicoptères has developed and structured its services to become a key player in the helicopter industry, while maintaining a strong attachment to the values that have earned it its reputation of honor and distinction.


Secours Aérien Francais association founded, St Foy, France By Roland Fraissinet.


Secours Aérien Francais works in collaboration with Air Provence, then creates SAF Exploitation to have its own dedicated fleet.


Secours Aériens Francais and SAF Exploitations become SAF Hélicoptères, Service Aérien Français.


February 9, 1989 Rolland Fraissinet was killed at the controls of his helicopter during a rescue mission.


1990 Founding of SAF Indutries Albertville, France


  • Acquisition of Helicap, French EMS operator
  • Foundation of SAF Group, bringing together all SAF Group companies


Foundation of the SAF Training Academy.


Founding of SAF INTERNATIONAL, Switzerland specialist in heavy haulage.


Acquisition of Helilagon, Indian Ocean


  • Foundation of SAF HÉLICOPTÈRES Belgium
  • Acquisition of Starlite Aviation, Africa and Middle East



  • SAF Groupe devient SAF Aérogroup,
  • SAF Training Avademy becomes X-Aero Training Academy,
  • SAF Industrie becomes Aerosupport Force

Employees, Collaborators
as Crew Member
Flight hours every years

Notre Flotte

SAF Hélicoptères manages a fleet of helicopters exclusively tailored for aerial work and mountain rescue missions. Our collection, comprising both single and twin-engine helicopters, undergoes frequent enhancements to consistently align with the most rigorous international standards. This commitment to regular upgrades ensures that our helicopters are equipped with cutting-edge technology, enabling us to maintain the highest levels of performance and safety in our operations.

Since 2021, SAF Hélicoptères has been an entity of SAF AEROGROUP

SAF AEROGROUP comprises of several companies, collectively covering every facet of the aviation and aeronautics industry. Recognised on an international scale, these entities specialise in the following fields: flight operations, maintenance support and logistics, training, aircraft sales, and consulting. What unites each company within SAF AEROGROUP is a commitment to shared values: dedication to human values and solidarity, an unwavering emphasis on safety, a culture of innovation, and a steadfast commitment to sustainability.

  • Flight operations
  • Maintenance support and logistics
  • Training
  • Consulting and aicraft Sales


Our specialised teams operate throughout the French territory and internationally to support our private and public clients in their aerial work projects, medical evacuations, and rescue operations.